“No, she said, with great certainty, because now they had facts, and facts changed everything. Without them, you had nothing, a void. But produce facts – provide names, dates, orders, numbers, times, locations, map references, schedules, photographs, diagrams, descriptions – and suddenly that void had geometry, was susceptible to measurement, had become a solid thing.… Leia mais Fatos

Indústria no Vox.LACEA

O blog Vox.LACEA acabou de publicar um texto meu e de Dante Aldrighi, “Past and Recent Trends of Industrial Growth in Brazil“. O texto é uma síntese dos principais resultados de nosso working paper, “Industrial growth and structural change: Brazil in a long-run perspective” (Departmento de Economia, FEA-USP – Working Paper Series nº 2013-10).